Avon Products Inc.
Beauty Empower Women to Empower Others.


Avon has been empowering women since 1886 by offering them a unique earnings opportunity, through what is arguably the original social network: direct selling. Direct selling at Avon is about Representatives constantly connecting to and building personal relationships with new customers as well as other Representatives. Many friendships have developed over decisions about the perfect lipstick shade.

Meet some of our Representatives from around the world and hear why they love selling Avon.


It’s All about You

Direct selling at Avon means you control your own destiny.

  • You are your own boss.
  • You have your own business.
  • You can work independently or with a team.
  • You set your own hours.
  • You can work from home.
  • You determine your family/work/lifestyle balance.
  • You have a means to earn money no matter what the economic climate.

Some women become Representatives to supplement the family income. Others sell Avon so they can earn money to send their children to college, pay for a vacation, cover costly medical bills or buy a new house or car. One of the most attractive features of direct selling with Avon is that it doesn’t require any special experience, education or other credentials. Starting a direct-selling business simply depends on the power of you.

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