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Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines are intended to set a proper “tone at the top” by promoting good corporate citizenship and responsible business practices, and to establish a common set of expectations to assist the Directors in performing their duties in accordance with applicable requirements, and thereby build long-term value for the Company’s shareholders. These guidelines represent the policy of the Company, as adopted by the Board of Directors. The Board will review and, if appropriate, amend these guidelines from time to time.

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Ethics and Compliance

At Avon, where ethics and compliance are core priorities, our Board of Directors and senior management team continually support Avon’s Global Ethics & Compliance Program.

Avon's comprehensive Code of Conduct describes certain Avon policies and practices, which are intended to promote ethical and lawful behavior and proper conduct. Our Code serves as a valuable guide to the laws and policies applicable to how we conduct business and outlines available procedures for asking questions, raising ethical concerns and reporting possible violations.

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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management

Corporate responsibility, including the management of Avon’s environmental and social impacts, is overseen by the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability. This role reports to the head of Corporate Relations, who reports to the CEO and COO. The Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability works in a matrix structure in partnership with many teams and executives to help create and drive strategies, policies and processes across the business.