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Ethics & Compliance

We are steadfast in our commitment to living up to our Core Values of Trust, Respect, Belief, Humility and Integrity. As Avon Associates, we live by these values and know that by doing so we promote:

  • An environment of Trust and openness that encourages telling the truth always;
  • Respect for one another, our Representatives, customers, stakeholders and public servants who regulate and enforce the law;
  • Sufficient Belief in ourselves and one another to pursue our mission in accordance with our values;
  • The Humility to let our performance speak for itself and admit our mistakes; and
  • Integrity in all situations, whatever the pressures or temptations, wherever we may be and no matter the potential consequences.

Our Culture of Integrity

For more than 125 years, Avon has embraced these five Core Values.

We emphasize integrity and high-quality relationships based on respect and kindness, and assumption of personal responsibility for an ethical culture and compliance with the law by every Associate.

Our Code of Conduct applies our Core Values and our culture of integrity to our business by setting out relevant principles for ethical behavior, professionalism and good business practices. It does this by setting forth standards of conduct expected of everyone at Avon. It also lets us know where to go for help when we have questions about the proper course of action.

We are proud that Avon is a socially responsible company that expects strict compliance with the law and fosters a culture of integrity. We understand that our unwavering commitment to behaving lawfully and ethically is indispensable to our reputation, survival and success.

Create, Embrace & Apply

Our Global Ethics & Compliance Program is holistic and is focused on continuous improvement. It requires us to create, embrace and apply our high standards.


We create policies and guidance for our Associates based on our values and communicate them simply and clearly. 


We embrace ethical leadership through our communications to and training of our Associates, and by establishing performance objectives and incentives that support our culture.


We apply by following our policies, and by raising concerns, investigating any possible violations thoroughly and taking necessary remediation to live up to our high standards.

And, when it looks as if we are done, we start all over again continually improving our process of creating, embracing and applying our high standards.

Create Embrace Apply