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Creating exciting new products is what Avon is all about. Behind the scenes, we are just as proud of creating a culture where ethics and integrity govern everything we do. 

We foster that atmosphere by giving Associates a set of policies and guidelines that help them understand how to apply ethical behavior and compliance with the law to their jobs. With these tools, we have established a uniform set of expectations throughout the world. 

Our Policies and Procedures

We have built a set of clear policies for our Associates. Our policies are rigorously designed by appropriate working groups to set forth worldwide standards and controls and identify actions to be taken to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Below are just a few examples:

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

For a copy of our Code of Conduct, which is available in 20 languages, click here.

Our Principles

At Avon, our Code of Conduct has three primary principles:

How we perform our jobs and meet our objectives is just as, if not more, important than whether we achieve our goals. 

We tell the truth always, no matter the circumstances or the potential consequences.

Each of us must take personal responsibility for sustaining an ethical culture in which we unequivocally obey the law and respect one another.

Our Certifications

Our Code of Conduct is written in simple and clear language. Associates are required to certify to compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Our Reporting

Our Code of Conduct states that every Associate is responsible for reporting concerns or possible violations of the law or our Code of Conduct. Every manager who receives a report must forward it as set forth in the Code of Conduct.

All reports will be thoroughly investigated, and substantiated violations will be appropriately addressed, including through termination of employment when necessary.

Avon will not tolerate retaliation against any Associate for asking questions or making a report. Anyone engaged in retaliation will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

Global Anti-Corruption Program

Avon prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption by its Associates or third parties. Avon is committed to complying with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in every jurisdiction in which it does business.

Avon's Global Anti-Corruption Program provides specific guidance and practical direction to Associates to ensure compliance with these laws. The Global Anti-Corruption Policy guides interactions by, or on behalf of, Avon with all individuals and entities, in order to prevent and detect bribery and corruption. Our procedures that implement our policy ensure that high-risk activities are legal, transparent and made without an expectation of receiving anything in return.

The Global Anti-Corruption Policy is a living document that is updated when there are new developments in the law or best practices.

Program Effectiveness

Our commitment to continuous improvement leads us to consistently assess the Ethics & Compliance Program's effectiveness. Avon regularly conducts a global Ethics & Compliance survey to assess Associate perceptions of the effectiveness of our program.

Avon’s Global Internal Audit team conducts on-site and off-site compliance audits.

In addition, members of the Ethics & Compliance team also make on-site visits to our global facilities which focus on interviews with personnel in our local markets.